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Miya Lash

Lash Cleansing Foam

Lash Cleansing Foam

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Keep your lashes clean and healthy with Miya Lash Gentle Lash Foam! 💎 
Our gentle yet effective formula is specifically designed for use on both natural lashes and lash extensions - thoroughly eliminates impurities like dead skin, oil, dust, and makeup, preventing blepharitis & styes.
Our hypoallergenic eyelash shampoo is perfect for sensitive eyes! Proudly produced without paraben, sulphate & other harsh chemicals! It delivers a superior cleanse whilst nourishing & hydrating the natural lashes with Ylang Ylang extract. It has been proven to improve hair texture and prevent breakage - say hi to stronger, healthier natural lashes!

To enhance your cleansing routine, our lash foam includes a feather-soft cleaning brush. This handy tool allows you to thoroughly clean between the lash line while enjoying a soothing eye massage.

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